Wild Fermentation - Sandor Katz

Sandor Katz takes us on a spirited and profound tour through the world of fermentation. Katz (known affectionately as SandorKraut) draws his recipes for fermented foods and beverages from diverse countries, communities, and time periods. You will find recipes for sour pickles, dosas, many types of yogurt, honey mead, and much more.  Fermentation for Katz closely informs our sense of meaning and dignity as human beings; he explains how fermenting and pickling have been bedrocks of nutrition and well-being for diverse culinary traditions. His clear, accessible recipes are interspersed with his musings on the microbial processes underlying the natural creation of sauerkraut, kvass, miso, and other delicious and nourishing foods. Katz more recently wrote his award-winning tome The Art of Fermentation, but don't miss this accessible and gripping earlier book of his!