Sheriff of Babylon, Volume 1: Bang. Bang. Bang. - Tom King, Mitch Gerads

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A Noir-esque mystery set in Baghdad, Sheriff of Babylon is a dark and intense look at the American occupation in Iraq and what humanity means in a world where it feels like there is very little left.  Our protagonist, an American policeman training military recruits in Iraq, is drawn into a world of political manipulation by an American-Iraqi politician and Iraqi detective he becomes involved with. Beautiful moments of human intimacy intersperse within the bleakness of military and extremist violence. At once a detective story and a suspenseful thriller, Sheriff of Babylon is a deeply thoughtful story that gets inside your head and keeps you on the edge.

The Sheriff of Babylon Vol. 1: Bang. Bang. Bang. By Tom King, Mitch Gerads (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Tom King, Mitch Gerads (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781401264666
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Published: Vertigo - July 19th, 2016