Satantango - Laszlo Krasznahorkai

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The most striking feature of Krasznahorkai’s books are the solid blocks of text filling every page; he is not partial to paragraph breaks, nor periods. Despite these intimidating formal choices, the plot is not so dense. Workers on a Hungarian estate are lost without their leader, a revered, charismatic yet dubious figure described in divine terms. The psychological portrayals of each character in this drenched, crumbling setting are what turn the pages; suddenly bereft of leadership, helpless, indecisive, and untrusting, the citizens drink too much and hatch plans they know they won’t carry out, and ultimately, they reach destructive levels of emotional volatility. It’s a rickety rollercoaster ride that keeps stalling amid an unending downpour of rain – and I mean that in the best kind of way.

Satantango Cover Image
ISBN: 9780811220897
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Published: New Directions - December 10th, 2013

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