Quakeland - Kathryn Miles

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Miles’s detailed survey of earthquakes is timely not just because of the recent temblors in Mexico, but because the probability of an earthquake  exists all the time almost everywhere. Earthquakes are  notoriously hard to predict, even along known geological faults. New faults  are discovered and created all the time, as we mine, frack, inject wastewater underground, and even build skyscrapers. While science knows a lot about the variables that influence how strong a quake will be, there are so many facets involved - depth, soil type, presence or absence of water - that every earthquake is unique. Miles has traveled all over, talking with seismologists,  geologists, miners, and activists. She profiles history’s major earthquakes, looks at likely sites for future Big Ones, explains liquefaction and subduction, defines key terms such as hypocenter, mantel, and crusts; distinguishes between  sheer and compressed waves, discusses plate tectonics, and much more. A veritable field guide to earthquakes, her book is also full of vivid stories about how earthquakes have literally changed the lay of the land, and how people have survived them.

Quakeland: On the Road to America's Next Devastating Earthquake Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525955184
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Published: Dutton Books - August 29th, 2017

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