Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes - Juan Felipe Herrera, Raul Colon

What do a Nobel Prize winner, a Supreme Court justice, and a baseball legend have in common? According to Juan Felipe Herrera, they are the heroes of marginalized history: that of Hispanic Americans. In Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes (Dial Books, $19.99), Herrera works to correct this. Enriched by Raúl Colón’s beautiful paintings, each of Herrera’s heroes get a fun and informative entry. Readers learn that Adelina Otero-Warren—the first Hispana to run for congress—conducted lessons for her eleven younger siblings despite having only two years of formal schooling herself.  And that the Navy created the rank of admiral especially for David Glasgow Farragut—the first person to say “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.”  This book presents an often overlooked cast of heroes to inspire children.  Ages 8-12. SB

Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes Cover Image
By Juan Felipe Herrera, Raul Colón (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780803738096
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Published: Dial Books - August 7th, 2014