Libra - Don DeLillo

DeLillo’s fictional re-creation of the events surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination is a meditative take on the perils facing the United States entering the 1960s, and also on the immeasurable contingencies that lie behind historical events. DeLillo eschews any belief in a grand conspiracy at work in the assassination and rather argues, quite plausibly, that it was the work of a murkier, secondary plot and was a chance occurrence. While real-life people like Lee Harvey Oswald are prominently depicted here, perhaps the most memorable character is postwar America itself, self-assured but also deeply paranoid, entering the 1960s both immensely prosperous and obsessed with the threat posed by communism.

Libra By Don DeLillo Cover Image
ISBN: 9780140156041
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Published: Penguin Books - May 1st, 1991