The Lake Effect - Erin McCahan

Staff Pick

Ultra-popular Briggs Henry has just graduated from high school and is escaping to Lake Michigan for what he confidently predicts will be a cushy summer job as an 84-year-old woman’s personal assistant. Having won the hearts of countless moms and elderly country club goers, he sees his future boss as just another old lady ready to fall under his spell. Unfortunately for Briggs, Mrs. Bosic isn’t fooled by his charm. She immediately puts him to work as her chauffeur to a seemingly everlasting series of funerals. Then, just when Briggs finally feels like he’s getting used to these new circumstances, he meets Abigail, the mysterious girl from across the street. Driven by Erin McCahan’s blunt, punchy writing, The Lake Effect (Dial, $17.99) is ultimately about making your own luck. Ages 14-17.