The Joyful Environmentalist, by Isabel Losada

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Words like “joy,” and “delight” are thin on the ground in most environmental writing, but they are the raison d'être of Losada’s spirited and practical exploration of ways both to help the planet and to live a more satisfying life. The two go hand-in-hand: if we eat better—more fresh food, more meals with family and friends, metal cutlery rather than plastic—we’ll leave less trash, use fewer resources, and feel better both mentally and physically. If we own less we’ll value more highly what we have, and our lives will be enriched by the meaning these objects hold for us. If we bike to work, we’ll save money, engage more directly with our neighborhoods, and be more physically fit. These aren’t prescriptions, but suggestions, and Losada knows they won’t work for everyone. But even before that, they’re lively, often funny stories. More a friend than a visionary. Losada shares her own experiences (trying to dodge plastic in the supermarket, canvassing for the Green party, demonstrating with Extinction Rebellion) and equips readers with ways to cut through the “greenwash” to what’s authentically eco-friendly. 

The Joyful Environmentalist: How to Practise without Preaching Cover Image
ISBN: 9781786784704
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Published: Watkins Publishing - July 14th, 2020

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