Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath - Jacob Sager Weinstein

Staff Pick

Hyacinth has done her research and she’s sure that her facts are right: London was built long ago around a seemingly endless series of rivers. When she heads to the city to stay with her aunt, however, Hyacinth learns that maybe there’s more to the story than she realized. Her first clue is the water from the bathroom sink that has, apparently, come to life; then, there’s the mud monster that has kidnapped her mother. Aided by a magical umbrella and a wonderfully quirky cast of characters, Hyacinth embarks upon whirlwind of an adventure that takes her deep below the city streets. Jacob Sager Weinstein’s witty writing makes Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath (Random House, $16.99) a surprising read; you may just close the back cover with a newfound skepticism of everything you thought you knew. Ages 9-12.