Columbine - Dave Cullen

In Columbine, Dave Cullen tells the story of a uniquely American mass murder. On April 20th, 1999 two disaffected young men began a killing spree in their high school that killed thirteen and wounded twenty-one more. Cullen, a reporter who responded to the emergency calls, reconstructs the events. Columbine challenges the narrative that emerged in the aftermath of the massacre (including the fate of “the martyr of Columbine,” Cassie Bernall) and analyzes the media’s fascination with the murders’ comfortable, middleclass backgrounds. Cullen then turns to the inevitable question of why these particular boys committed this horrible crime. The more he delves into the minds of the killers, the more one comes to realize these children were an aberration, a psychopath who gave warning signals and his depressed follower. Cullen’s sharp and incisive reportage makes Columbine an addictive and cautionary read.

Columbine By Dave Cullen Cover Image
ISBN: 9780446546928
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Published: Twelve - March 3rd, 2010