The Chapo Guide to Revolution - Chapo Trap House

Staff Pick

First thing's first - if you know any internet-addicted young men who you think are prone to being scooped up by the alt-right: here's the antidote.  The quickest and easiest way to describe The Chapo Guide to Revolution - the first book to come out of the leftist comedy podcast Chapo Trap House - is to imagine MAD Magazine if it was edited by Noam Chomsky. Part of the broadly-defined ascendant left, which includes publications like Jacobin and candidates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chapo's gleefully nihilistic humor offers barbs in the direction of the monstrous right-wingers who control our government and the paltry technocratic liberalism being offered as an alternative. Beneath the internet humor, however, lies a genuinely thoughtful meditation on the role of social welfare amidst the current crisis of late-stage capitalism and looming environmental disaster.

The Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason By Chapo Trap House, Felix Biederman, Matt Christman, Brendan James, Will Menaker, Virgil Texas Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501187285
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Published: Atria Books - August 21st, 2018