101 Detectives - Ivan Vladislavic

Kafka isn’t named in the catalog of 101 Detectives, but his fingerprints are all over this book. Or do they belong to Ivan Vladislavic? One of the boldest, wittiest, and most imaginative fiction writers working today, Vladislavic packs a “snub-nosed lingo” and has a knack for the uncanny. He finds it in ordinary and unlikely places. One story follows the workday of a corporate storyteller; she’s blocked until she watches a man scaling the building—literally climbing the corporate ladder. Other pieces grapple with the past. In the form of a repressed minority language, dying and taking its secrets with it, history’s value is clear. But as a set of unwieldy steamer trunks, though it history may hold treasures, it’s a burden no one has time or space for. Seeing “every human action as sign, symptom, or subterfuge,” Vladislavic’s amazing fiction makes detectives of readers and writers alike.

101 Detectives By Ivan Vladislavic Cover Image
ISBN: 9781908276568
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Published: And Other Stories - June 16th, 2015