The Self-Driven Child

The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives Cover Image

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A few years ago, Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson started noticing the same problem from different angles: Even high-performing kids were coming to them acutely stressed and lacking motivation. Many complained they had no control over their lives. Some stumbled in high school or hit college and then unraveled. Bill is a clinical neuropsychologist who helps those kids who are gripped by anxiety or who are struggling to learn. Ned is a motivational coach who runs an elite tutoring service. Together they discovered that the best antidote to stress is to give kids more of a sense of control over their lives.

This doesn't mean, however, that guardians must give up their parental authority.  In this groundbreaking book, Stixrud and Johnson reveal how parents can actively help their child sculpt a brain that is both resilient and ready to take on new challenges.

The Self-Driven Child offers a combination of cutting-edge brain science, the latest discoveries in behavioral therapy, and case studies drawn from the thousands of kids and teens Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson have helped over the years to teach you how to set your child on an authentic road to success.

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