Gift Wrapping by The Washington Literacy Center

To make your holiday gift-giving easier, Politics & Prose is happy to offer gift wrapping through New Years Eve. As in past years, this fundraising campaign is a joint endeavor between The Washington Literacy Center, which supplies the volunteer gift-wrappers, and P&P, which donates the space and a selection of attractive holiday-themed wrapping paper.

Type in the instructions for the gift-wrapper in the space below. Then, add this item to your shopping cart. You may select this option for the entire order; or select it several times if you want items wrapped separately with a message attached to each item. If you wish, we will ship directly to your gift recipients; and email you the receipt.

The Washington Literacy Center has been serving the Washington community for 50 years and is the largest provider of much-needed basic literary services in the District of Columbia. So please support this wonderful cause while simplifying your holiday preparations!  

Suggested donation: $1 per item

Maximum: $999.99
List item(s) you want wrapped and, if desired, a message for the recipient(s)