D.C. Home Tshirt (Various Colors)


On a Metro escalator,
do you stand on the right, pass
on the left?
Yes? Good.
There is a 30% chance of snow, but no more than 1-2 inches. Do you stay home?
Of course! As you should.
Before reading this, were you aware that in D.C. east/west streets are lettered, north/south streets are numbered, and diagonal streets are named after states?
Have you seen a motorcade in the last week?
See above.
Did you know that DMV stands for something other than the department of motor vehicles?
Yes!: The District, Maryland, and Virginia.
Do you get called for jury duty as often as legally possible?
Ugh, grand jury next week.
Great! Here is a t-shirt that makes it perfectly clear you are not a tourist.