Book Pins by Ideal Bookshelf (Various)


I’m called to Narnia each year in fall,
Then Pemberley, to flirt with wealth and birth
And overstay my welcome at the ball.
My road goes ever on through Middle Earth,
To King’s Cross Station in a flying car
Towards Hogwarts School (not found on any map—
As Melville said, true places never are).
Still, every place must have its tourist trap
Where reading ends and frippery begins—
My souvenir? Ideal Bookshelf pins.

Leah Kenyon


Wear your book on your sleeve!

Each badge is a hard enamel lapel pin with raised gold-plated outlines and attaches to your clothing with a black rubber clutch.They are pinned to a small cardboard plaque in a cellophane envelope. 1" tall.