Music News 7/24/2019


THE WORLD OF KEITH HARING (Soul Jazz, 2 CDs, $23.99) – There is a large retrospective exhibit of the work of Keith Haring at the Tate Liverpool, which runs through November 10. Released in conjunction with the Tate exhibit, The World of Keith Haring is a collection of music that was influential to the artist, including songs by Fab 5 Freddy, Yoko Ono, Gray (Jean-Michel Basquiat’s group), The Jonzun Crew, Larry Levan, Talking Heads, Sylvester, Johnny Dynell and many others. The set explores New York’s downtown art and club scene of the 1980s, around such venues as Club 57, Danceteria, Pyramid and Paradise Garage, as well as the thriving break dance and hip-hop scenes in the boroughs. The 2-CD set is a giant mix-tape with disco, electro, early hip-hop, new wave, punk and no-wave. The CD comes with a 48-page booklet full of photos and notes.


ECM Records—one of today’s most identifiable and influential contemporary labels—is celebrating 50 years. Established by producer Manfred Eicher, ECM has released many jazz classics over the years (and would branch out to classical music later in its history). ECM is releasing 50 of its iconic titles at a budget price ($10.98). See the complete list here (scroll and click on May 17). I have brought in a few of my favorites from the 50, and the others are available to special order:

Bennie Maupin, JEWEL IN THE LOTUS (1974), features Mr. Maupin on the bass clarinet, saxophones and flute, as well as  Herbie Hancock on piano, Buster Williams on bass,  Freddie Waits and Billy Hart on drums, Bill Summers on percussion, and Charles Sullivan on trumpet on two tunes.

Ralph Towner, DIARY (1973), playing 12-string and classical guitars and piano.

Dave Holland, TRIPLICATE (1988), with Mr. Holland on bass, Steve Coleman on alto, and Jack DeJohnette on drums.

Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell, EL CORAZÓN (1982), features two alumni of Ornette Coleman’s groups, with Mr. Cherry on pocket trumpet and piano, and Mr. Blackwell on drums

Keith Jarrett Trio, AT THE BLUE NOTE: Saturday, June 4th, 1994, 1st Set (1995), features the long running “Standards” trio, with Gary Peacock on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums.


The Vivaldi Edition is a project begun almost twenty years ago to record “some 450 works, many of them unknown, found in the National University Library of Turin,” with some of the foremost Baroque interpreters in the world. The latest two volumes of the Vivaldi Edition focus on the contralto voice:

VIVALDI: MUSICA SACRA PER ALTO (Vol. 59) (Naïve, $16.99)


Both volumes feature contralto Delphine Galou, with Accademia Bizantina, directed by Ottavio Dantone.