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Blogs are not books, but they are an important platform for sharing ideas, experiences, and a sense of community. This month at Politics & Prose we’re proud to celebrate a group of local bloggers who offer commentary, information, and insights about all things Washington, DC. You’ll find examples of their work—from serious to light-hearted, polite to edgy, topical to philosophical—in a new display in the store’s front window.

Our booksellers, Hannah Oliver and Angela Williams, came up with the idea of the display to showcase a form of writing and communicating that is not only ubiquitous, but is fast becoming a literary genre of its own. P&P staffers are passionate readers of blogs as well as books, and they eagerly listed some of their favorites. They include:

  • bookriot.com, a must stop in the blogosphere for lovers of books of all kinds. Lively, fun, and informative, the site reflects the spunk and literary passion of executive editor Bethanne Patrick and offers reviews, features, inside scoops, and reader comments. Be sure to check out bookriot.com’s list of its ten guiding “beliefs.”
  • dcist.com, one of the most popular blogs about what’s happening in DC, from where the president stopped to eat to the latest city council ruling on tattoo parlors. Plus, a dcist.com poll showed that the blog’s readers like George Pelecanos as much as we do at P&P.

  • distcurm.blogspot.com, formally the District Curmudgeon, reporting and raising awareness about local issues and events from traffic bollards that need repairs to precinct election information to where new art galleries are opening up. All important stuff!

  • thinkprogress.org, a political news site, where blogger Alyssa Rosenberg writes extensively and refreshingly about the intersection of politics and culture. Her blog focuses attention on books, movies, television, and any discussion of books (especially) makes us happy.

  • dctheatrescene.com, the go-to blog for theater lovers in our area. The site keeps stage buffs connected to the theater scene in DC through its calendar of events, reviews, conversations, and news. The blogs are well done and—sometimes even dramatic!

  • washingtonindependentreviewofbooks.com, home of the Washington Independent Review of Books, a site “dedicated to book reviews and writing about the world of books” and featuring writers and editors mostly from the Washington area.

  • deptoftheinteriordc.com, DC blogger Jenn Lore's treasure trove of fashion and home design, featuring examples of clothes, furnishings, and objects that inspire her.

  • thebittenword.com, the work of Zach and Clay, a couple in DC who prepare recipes from magazines and blog about their experiences—good, bad, ugly, and funny.

  • deadspin.com and the more humorous kissingsuzykolber.com, both domains of Drew Magary, the humorist, blogger, and writer for GQ. We hosted an event at P&P for his book, The Post-Mortal (Penguin, $15), which drew a large and enthusiastic crowd. Magary has won kudos for his unvarnished (and irreverent) treatment of most of the subjects he covers, especially the wild and wacky world of sports.

  • And these are just to name a few. Blog on!

--Brad and Lissa