Gift Card FAQs

Q: If I am sending a gift card via email why are the fields for a snail mail delivery required?

A: Honestly, this is a quirk in our system.  For emailed gift cards, we really don't need your delivery address.  If you don't have, or don't want to provide, an address for your virtual gift cardee, you can enter N/A in all the fields under the "delivery" tab.

Q: I have a credit card issued abroad. Can I use it for online purchases?

A: Yes. although this will require talking directly to a bookseller as we don't accept many internationally issued credit cards online.  Please call the store at 202 364 1919 and a real person will be happy to help process the purchase.

Q: Can I use an existing P&P gift card to make an online purchase?

A: Yes! We accept both physical and virtual P&P gift cards for online purchases. At the "payment method" prompt, choose, "gift card".  Then enter the number on the back of your physical gift card or listed on your emailed gift card. If you are using several P&P gift cards to cover a purchase, please enter the numbers for each one. 

Q: I have an existing gift card, but I'm not sure of the balance.  Can I use it online?

A: We know it's hard to keep track of gift card balances which is why you can check your gift card balance here. If the balance on the gift card does not cover the total cost of your purchase, you will be prompted to enter credit card information after the gift card value has been applied. Your credit card will be charged for the remaining balance.

Q: I had a P&P gift card, but I lost it.  Can you look it up?

A: It depends.  If the gift card was purchased by a member of the store, we can look it up by that person's name (click here for more information about P&P membership).  This is why it is important to identify yourself as a member at checkout. If the gift card was purchased outside of a membership, we have no way to trace the purchase.  This is another way of saying treat a P&P gift card like cash.  If it's gone, it's gone.

Q: Do P&P gift cards have an expiration date?

A:  Our gift cards are good for up to five years from when they are issued.  However, we recommend you use them as soon as possible to get books on your shelves instead of dust bunnies in your junk drawer. 

Q: $8 for shipping a physical gift card ordered online?  Really?

A: During the holiday season, we ship gift cards by FedEx to make sure it gets there in time.  If you prefer to have your physical gift card delivered via snail mail, let us know in the notes section and we will remove the extra shipping charge.

Q: I still can't get my gift card purchase processed online.  Who can I call?

A: If your online purchase is still having problems, please call us at (202) 364-1919 extension 4 and ask to speak with web orders or a bookseller to complete your purchase.


Check the balance of your gift card