Opus Author Reading 2019

Upcoming Event
Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Since 2011 P&P has been proud to offer authors self-publishing services. From memoirs to novels to instruction manuals to staff directories, our Opus Self-Publishing Program has produced a wide range of genres in an equally diverse range of formats, all meeting the same publishing industry standards as any books on P&P’s shelves. Join us for a reading by some of the Opus writers, and a discussion of this unique form of publication.

Lynn Rothberg – In Wait for Blood

Lina Steele – Expanding the Vision

Filomena Delgado – Fire and Fear Beyond Myself

David Weaver – The Travels of the Triangle

Sophie Cook – The Voyage of the Bluebird

Sally Kalve D’Italia – What Could You Do With a Soccer Ball on Your Shoe  and If This Buggy Could Talk

Laura Smail Sims – A Daughter’s Quest

Meg Chandler – Dreaming Backwards

Dennis Reed – Definitions

Peter Bridges – Woods Waters Peaks

Jeffrey Greene – The Iron Desert and Other Stories

Rives Carroll – Chaplain

Fred Berner – Old Edgemoor

Mary Gill – Angel in a Basket

Ericka Reynolds – Enslaved  and The Adventures of Cleo and Sophie

Patricia Garfinkel and Myra Sklarew – An Invitation to a Country Called Aging

Sentayehu Gebregiorgis – Azmach and Zemecha

Rick Farrell – Fatal Amendment

Rufus McKinney – Dealers Choices

Jackson Coppley – The Code Hunters

Michael McGarry – The Making of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Rahn Lewis - DMV Strip Club: Treasure the Count

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