Kenneth Whyte - Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times

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Herbert Hoover was president from 1929 to 1933 and is known for little beyond his failure to stop the Great Depression. In looking over the entire span of his life, however, Whyte finds much to admire. The author of The Uncrowned King, Whyte sees the thirty-first president as the father of both New Deal liberalism and modern conservatism, but his biography focuses on Hoover as a humanitarian. The future president was orphaned at age nine and later struggled to find work during the Panic of 1893, and these early troubles made him sensitive to the suffering of others. He served in the American Relief Administration after World War I, feeding thousands in Europe. He also helped in Mississippi following the devastating 1927 floods and was appointed by Truman to assist European refugees in the wake of World War II.


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