Arvin Ahmadi - Girl Gone Viral—in Children and Teens

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 7:00pm

For seventeen-year-old Opal Hopper, coding is everything. She can code her world into perfection, making craters on Mars and shimmering lakes out of nothing. But the one thing she can’t code into existence is her dad, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances when she was ten. When he never returned, she tried to forget him. Until now. That’s because WAVE, the world’s biggest virtual reality platform, has announced a contest where the winner gets the chance to meet its billionaire founder, the very man who just might know what actually happened to Opal’s father. Opal, determined to win at any cost, rigs the contest. But what begins as a simple hack devolves into a deepening pit of lies, deceit, and manipulation. Just how far will Opal go for answers? Ages 12 and up.

In Conversation with Amelia Friedman, entrepreneur

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Child & Teen
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