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Imagine what you do everyday: The simple tasks such as turning on your TV, a trip to the grocery store, having dinner with a group of friends or turning on and off the temperature. These everyday occurrences that we take so much for granted are what make the world go around. There can also be humor and lightness found in these simple, everyday happenings.

Glimpses of Happiness is a compendium of Seinfeld-like vignettes composed of topics that everyone can relate to. Written by my dad, Jerome Perlmutter, who used writing as his therapy while recovering from a brain tumor. And write he did! Several years before he died, he wrote more than 500 Glimpses covering all topics imaginable: arts, music, entertainment, writing, speaking, communication, babies, kids, children, doctors, personal, situations, commentary, travel, transportation, places, food, dining out, socializing, men, women, and America.
Glimpses of Happiness is a labor of love. It has been my passion for more than ten years to bring this project to fruition. Now my dream has come true.

As you read through this book it is my hope that you will appreciate Glimpses of Happiness, have a good laugh and say, “Yes, this happened to me, too.”

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ISBN-13: 9781947939516
Publisher: Diane Perlmutter Reynolds
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019