Catiline’s Conspiracy, the Jugurthine War, Histories (Kobo eBook)

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By Sallust
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Gaius Sallustius Crispus, or Sallust, was a renowned Roman historian and a decided partisan of Caesar. After his retirement from statesmanship, Sallust devoted his time to the writing of literary and historical works that focused on great persons and events of his age. Although a lesser-known Roman historian, Sallust has become particularly revered for his intention to write scholarly, not merely anecdotal, discussions of events. Nietzsche described his style as “compact, severe, with as much substance as possible, a cold sarcasm against ‘beautiful words’ and ‘beautiful sentiments’.” His “Jugurthine War” relates the war in Numidia, circa 112 BC, of which Rome was the victor. It is most valued for his introduction, in which Sallust gives commentary on the moral decay and discord of the Roman political scene, and of his longing for the forgotten ideals of Rome. In his “Catiline’s Conspiracy”, Sallust’s deep concern for the decline of Rome is evident through the events and conspiracies of Catiline and his followers in the year 63 BC. Also included in this collection are the extant fragments of Sallust’s “Histories”.

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