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How many simple machines do you use every day? Probably more than you realize!

Machines make work easier— helping break things apart, lift heavy objects, and change the power and direction of force applied to them. In this accessible picture book, celebrated nonfiction author David A. Adler outlines different types of simple machines—wedges, wheels, levers, pulleys, and more—and gives common examples of how we use them every day.

Anna Raff's bright illustrations show how simple machines work—and add a dose of fun and humor, too. Two appealing kids and their comical cat use machines to ride see-saws, turn knobs, and even eat apples.

Perfect for classrooms or for budding engineers to read on their own, Simple Machines uses clear, simple language to introduce important mechanical vocabulary, and easy-to-understand examples to illustrate how we use machines to solve all kinds of problems.

Don't miss David A. Adler and Anna Raff's other science collaborations—including Light Waves; Magnets Push, Magnets Pull; and Things That Float and Things That Don't.

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ISBN-13: 9780823433513
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2015