District Lines, Volume 2

Calling All Writers

The launch this month of District Lines, P&P’s anthology of work by local writers and artists, has been such a success that we’ve decided to go ahead with a second volume. More than 40 writers and artists contributed to the first volume, which portrays various aspects of life in Washington DC. Scores of people turned out for a spirited and exciting event in the store on June 15 to hear readings from the publication and join in celebrating a broad range of local talent.

District Lines is not only edited and designed by P&P’s staff. It’s also published in-house using the store’s book-printing machine, Opus. Our plan is to issue the next volume in January 2014. We considered changing the theme for this one but have decided not to because of continued strong interest in a publication that features work by local writers and artists focused on the DC area.

So as before, we’re requiring that submissions be inspired by places, people or events in Washington. The pieces can take a number of different forms—essays, poems, sketches, photographs, stories, remembrances or testimonials. And they can come from previously-published authors and artists as well as from those who have yet to see their work in print. We only ask that each submission be original and not have been published elsewhere.  

The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2013. Please view the complete submission guidelines on our website.

--Brad and Lissa