Politics & Prose displays a limited number of books on consignment. You will receive a response to your application from consignment@politics-prose.com. The following information pertains to merchandise on display in the store.

Consignment Policy

  1. To be eligible for consignment at Politics & Prose, an author must either have been a member of the store for two years or purchase at least a two-year membership, currently $45. In addition, a fee of $30 will be charged to cover handling and stocking expenses.
  2. On any sale of the consigned book, the author will receive 55 percent of the total and Politics & Prose will receive the remaining 45 percent.
  3. The author may choose among several P&P locations to display the consigned book, but only one location can be selected.
  4. To arrange for consignment in person, an author should make an appointment by calling (202) 364-1919 and asking for the consignment manager.
  5. The consignment contract will be reviewed at the end of each fiscal quarter, at which time Politics & Prose will evaluate the sales of the consigned book and decide whether or not to renew the agreement. Also at that time, Politics & Prose will calculate the royalties due the author. If the consigned book has earned $50 or more in royalties, Politics & Prose will send a check in the full amount. If the book has earned less than $50 and the consignment contract is not renewed, the author will receive a store credit in the form of a gift card for the full amount due. If the book has earned less than $50 and the consignment contract is renewed, the amount due will roll over to the next quarter. 
  6. If a consignment contract is not renewed at the end of a fiscal quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31), the author has two weeks to pick up the remaining books, or the author can request that P&P ship the books at the author’s expense. If the books are still in the store one month after the expiration of the consignment agreement, Politics & Prose reserves the right to dispose of them as it sees fit.
  7. Politics & Prose is not responsible for losses due to theft, or for any wear and tear on any copies of the consigned book.


Consignment Application

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