The First English Detective Novel: Wilkie Collins’s "The Moonstone" (2030)

Two Tuesdays: February 18 and 25, from Noon to 2:00 p.m.

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Already the progenitor of the sensation novel and the mystery novel, when he published The Moonstone in 1868, Wilkie Collins established a third genre: the detective novel. Along with its originality, the scale and the execution of the intrigue make it one of the foremost examples of the genre. In this seminar-style, discussion-based class we will explore Collins’s contribution to the development of the novel and genre fiction. The Moonstone continued his previous innovations in narrative structure and his preoccupation with the limits of the law and the meaning of truth. The book is divided into two “periods,” and for our first meeting we’ll discuss the “Prologue” and “First Period: The Loss of the Diamond.” During the second class we’ll discuss the “Second Period: The Discovery of Truth.” Two Tuesdays: February 18 and 25, from Noon to 2:00 p.m.

Book: The Moonstone, Wilkie Collins

Leigha McReynolds received her PhD in English Literature from The George Washington University. Her dissertation was on science and the supernatural in 19th Century British Literature, including a chapter on Wilkie Collins. Currently, Leigha is a professor in the writing program at The George Washington University where she uses science fiction to engage students across disciplines. In addition to teaching, she runs a writing coaching business to help aspiring writers of all kinds achieve their personal and professional goals.

REFUND POLICY: Please note that we can issue class refunds up until seven (7) days before the first class session.

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