Circe: The Sorceress (18112)

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“My greatest gift was transformation.” With such aplomb, classicist and author Madeline Miller gives a minor character in The Odyssey the starring role in her own epic. Circe grew up in the dark halls of sun god Helios and the naiad Perse. Before she dwelt on her own island, roaming forests and making men into pigs, she was a neglected girl overshadowed by titans and outshone by golden-haired nymphs, unable to enjoy the nectars of eternal beauty and physical love. With searing self-consciousness, Circe comes to see herself as different-- displeasing on the surface, outcast in her strangeness-- and yet ruled by compassion, sensitivity and warmth towards that far inferior and more limited type of being: man. Because of encounters with this other kind, Circe discovers her true identity. Her range of powers make her no ordinary immortal, but a magician of potions and spells: a pharmakis, a witch.

With a wand of her own, Miller conjures the story behind the stories. She offers an original foundation myth stirred from churning holes and roiling oceans, peppered with acorns and seaweed. The tale is set in wild and deserted places few story-tellers of our own times tend to look

With unique vision and a deep understanding of Homer’s ancient song of men and monsters, Circe gives shape and voice to divinity, and entices the reader peering into this world to ask what it means to be mortal.

Circe, Madeline Miller (9780316556347)

Nicole Miller’s prize-winning essays have appeared recently in New Letters and Arts & Letters magazines. Her fiction has been published twice in The Mays, edited by Jill Paton Walsh and Sebastian Faulks. She received an M.Phil. in Victorian Literature from Lincoln College, Oxford; a PhD in English at University College, London; and an MFA at Emerson College, Boston, where she held the Graduate Fellowship in Creative Writing. At The Oxford English Dictionary, she has served as a scholarly reader for British Dialects since 2002. She edits faculty manuscripts in Harvard’s English Department and teaches nineteenth and twentieth century British literature at Politics and Prose in Washington D.C.

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