Carla’s Legacy: Love for Books, Community, and Discussion, Part II



The Politics & Prose community has recognized the first anniversary of Carla's death with warm recollections of her impact, the community she and Barbara nurtured and strengthened with the remarkable P&P staff. The vitality of the community draws on a base of engaged, interested and articulate lovers of books. Underneath it all, there is in our community's DNA the belief that a mind is a terrible thing to waste even as reading and discussing books and their ideas, while often serious, should also be fun.

Last week I wrote about how moved I am by the poster of Carla, with Politics & Prose in the background and an illustrative display of Carla's favorite books in the store window. We provided hyperlinks, which didn't work, so here they are corrected. Click here to see these books (and more of her favorites) online.

This week I want to share with you five new books, which Carla would have loved.

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