Happy New Year to All!!

As we ring out the old year, we again reflect on how blessed we are to have such a large loyal base of customers and a tight-knit group of dedicated, experienced booksellers.  According to a report last week in an online bookselling newsletter, "Shelf Awareness," Washington, D.C. has just moved up to second place in an annual ranking of "literate cities," edging out Minneapolis and just short of Seattle.  We can’t help but think that our growing number of customers contributed to propelling Washington up to its new rank.

Not so quantifiable is the extraordinary commitment of our booksellers, which was never so much manifested as during last weekend’s blizzard.  Saturday morning, with a night-long’s blanket of snowfall on the ground, which had increased in intensity after daybreak, all six of our booksellers scheduled for the morning shift were here to work.  One had even walked from Silver Spring!!  Saturday afternoon, when the snow accumulation had reached about 18 inches, we closed at 4:00 p.m., but two especially adventurous booksellers took the Metro downtown to a book party at the Capital Hilton for David Plouffe, President Obama’s campaign manager - where they sold 175 copies of his account of the election, The Audacity to Win.

We now enter 2010 with thanks to all who have contributed to our success and a continued dedication to our bookselling in the Nation’s Capital.

-- Barbara & Carla