From the Wake Of Snowpocalypse

Greetings to all our customers who are just beginning to emerge from their seemingly endless, snowbound existence.  On the bright side, everyone, except those who lost power, got a lot of reading done.  The coffeehouse has been fully packed with stir-crazy neighbors, and our events have been reasonably well attended.  We hope we will be able to successfully reschedule all the events that we had to postpone.

This week we are looking forward to hosting some phenomenal authors whom you won't want to miss. Rebecca Skloot has received unrestrained critical attention for THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS, a true story which is beautifully and compellingly written as it investigates the scientific and economic ethics, inequalities, and injustices which surround Henrietta Lacks' life and death, and the extraordinary benefits that her cell tissue cultures have continued to provide over the last fifty years.

Lynne Olson has followed her acclaimed book Troublesome Young Men with CITIZENS OF LONDON about the prominent Americans living in London who helped ensure American support for Britain during WWII. A skilled storyteller and historian, she brings this period of history to life.

John Banville's THE INFINITIES will not arrive in the store until next Tuesday, just before his visit on the 25th, but the reviews from England indicate that it will be as fascinating to read as his previous books, although very different in subject. The book delves into parallel realities and the life of the mind, and features Greek gods who continue to be at play in the midst of human affairs. Comic, insightful, and wide-reaching in its themes and subjects, we can't wait to read it. Mark your calendars now!

Last night, we hosted an extraordinarily interesting talk by Wade Davis about his new book THE WAYFINDERS (House of Anansi, $15.95), which has been a favorite of many of our booksellers.  Davis is an anthropologist, ethnobotanist, and Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society. Lately, he has been heard on radio and television providing background on Haitian culture due to his critically acclaimed The Serpent and the Rainbow about anthropological investigation the role of zombis and vodoun in Haitian history.  

Davis's new book brings together in one volume five Massey Lectures that he delivered in 2009 on Canadian Broadcast Radio.  This series was founded to be a forum for major contemporary thinkers to address important issues of our time.  The 40-minute talk that we heard last night touched on the highlights of these lectures that argue the importance of maintaining indigeneous cultures in our increasingly monochromatic world.  Aside from the fascination of the topic, Wade Davis is an impressive public speaker, and the CDs of his talk are going to be a hot item.  Call us or click here to reserve a copy of this recorded event.

-- Barbara & Carla