Politics & Prose Holiday Newsletters and Gift Services

We are starting the countdown to the holidays. Thanksgiving is upon us. The 2010 calendars are flying out the door. A large display of boxed holiday cards is arranged in the rear of the store, near the travel section. See below for a complete listing of our holiday promotions and services.

The "Best Of 2009" lists are starting to appear.


Holiday Promotion and Services

This is an exciting time in the store, with Holiday Selections arriving every day.  In addition to wonderful books, we have holiday cards, rolls of wrapping paper, and numerous other gift items and stocking stuffers to round out your lists.

Remember that our biggest Member Sale of the year is coming soon.  From December 4th-6th, almost every item in the store will be discounted for members.  Nearly all books and sideline items in our current inventory will be 20% off, and CDs and DVDs will be 15% off (some exclusions apply.)  It’s a great time to enjoy some savings, if you are already a member, and a great time to become a member or renew your membership, if you are not! 

If you have a friend or family member who loves books, you might give him or her a Politics & Prose Gift Membership -- a gift that gives all year.  Not only do we have many local members, but we also have members in 38 states outside the Washington metropolitan area and in Federal Service abroad, all of whom who like to stay informed with our news about books.  Your friend or loved one will receive: our monthly Events Calendars, 20% discounts on the current book of the authors appearing at the store each month, and 20% off our weekly hardcover bestselling 12 fiction and non-fiction titles.  Discounts apply to purchases both in store and online. Beginning in 2010, we will have four seasonal storewide member sales (an increase from the three we've held annually for the last 25 years). Current membership rates are $20 a year or $50 for three years.  You can purchase a gift membership at the store or online through our website.


By the time of the sale, our Holiday Catalogues should be in the store.  The Politics & Prose 2009 Holiday Newsletter and Children and Teens' Department 2009 Favorite Books contain descriptions of many new books and favorites from earlier in the year. All books included in the P&P Holiday Newsletter will be 20% off for Politics & Prose members through December 31, 2009.

To make your holiday gift-giving easier, we are happy to offer Gift Wrapping at the store from November 27 through December 27. As in past years, this is a joint endeavor between Politics & Prose, which donates the space and the wrapping paper, and The Washington Literacy Council, which supplies the volunteer gift-wrappers. WLC has been serving the Washington community for more than 45 years and is the largest provider of much-needed basic literary services in the District of Columbia. WLC volunteers will be in the store every day from opening until closing.  A minimum of $1 donation per item is suggested to support this WLC fundraising campaign. So please support this wonderful cause while simplifying your holiday preparations!  To sign up as a volunteer gift wrapper, contact Pati Young at PATIMSW@aol.com and put "P&P Wrap" in the subject line.  For more information on the WLC, click here.

If you are having trouble making a choice, think about giving the gift of our unique Book-a-Month Gift Program.  Each month, our staff will handpick, wrap, and send a book anywhere in the country to the person of your choice. To give a gift to a child, contact Jory Hearst, jhearst@politics-prose.com. For an adult, contact Caroline Ketcham, cketcham@politics-prose.com.  You can also pick up an application at the information desk or click here to register through our website.

Another alternative is to support Adopt-a-Book for Hope House in someone’s name.  Hope House, founded by Carol Fennelly, connects imprisoned fathers from Washington DC with their children. One of the most popular Hope House programs is The Father to Child Reading Program, which provides children’s books for inmates to audio or video record.   The book and the recording are mailed home to the inmate’s child. For many fathers, this is the first story they have ever read to their children. So far, Hope House has paired fathers and their children with more than more than 12,000 books and tapes.

Between Thanksgiving and January 1st, with each book you buy for Hope House, you’ll get a beautiful card illustrated by a child and his or her father during a summer prison visit.  You can give the card as a gift, letting your friends and family know that you are supporting Hope House in their name. We offer our customers a 20% discount on books purchased either in the store or online for donation to Hope House.  If you order over the web, simply note in the checkout comments field that you wish to donate the book. To learn more about Hope House DC visit their website at www.hopehousedc.org.

A customer created her own original gift idea last year.  She hatched a plan and contacted us to treat the eleven members of her family (aged 14 to 73) to a day at Politics & Prose during which they could shop for their holiday gifts. Of course, we enthusiastically supported this idea, and it all came to fruition.  She arranged for a stretch limousine to transport her children and grandchildren from her home in Northern Virginia to our front door. There was quite a stir when the limo pulled up outside as customers strained to see if a celebrity was coming into the store! Upon entry, the family members scattered, heading to their favorite sections to make their selections.  Each participant wore an identifying sticker so that our cashiers would know they were part of this family group. The coffeehouse was also involved, so family members could take a refreshment break when they wished.  When they departed, each person left content with their choices, and the giver was confident that there would be no exchanges or returns necessary for these presents.  We hope to see this family back this year and to meet other families as well!   

-- Barbara & Carla