Hendrik Hertzberg shares some kind words

Last week we publicly announced our intention to seek a buyer for Politics & Prose. We wish to reiterate that the store continues to flourish as a healthy community resource here in Washington, DC. It merely has come to be the time for Carla and Barbara to think about retiring. Hendrik Hertzberg contribute this lovely and thoughtful tribute in his blog on The New Yorker website, which we would like to share with you.

-- Barbara & Carla

P&P is not just a place to buy a book or sip an espresso, though I make it a point to do both every time I’m in the vicinity. It’s also the venue for a long-running, often high-end free show: the frequent author evenings in which scribblers give little speeches, answer unusually intelligent questions from members of a usually well-informed audience, and get their egos stroked. I’ve gotten mine stroked there twice, for "Politics" and, last year, for "¡Obamanos!". I have to admit that the latter wasn’t one of my better performances. I blame Carla. The introduction she gave me was so touching, affectionate, and effusive that I was left, if not technically speechless, flushed and stammering. (Robert McCrum is tonight’s guest. The reliably speechful Christopher Hitchens is tomorrow’s.)

I fervently hope that . . . the somebody or somebodies who buy [Politics & Prose] run it with the hands-on, brains-on, hearts-on personal dedication that its customers have taken for granted from Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade.