Ways to Support Politics and Prose In Trying Times

In times of crisis, independent bookstores like Politics and Prose historically have served as havens of comfort, reassurance, and information to many people in need. With this in mind, when the covid-19 threat emerged, we here at P&P had hoped to keep our stores open to the public as long as possible. But pandemics aren’t like other crises. They work against the idea of bringing people together and instead demand separation and even isolation.

So amid increased warnings from medical experts and local authorities, and for the health of our staff and general community, we decided earlier this week to close all three P&P stores and The Den coffeehouse to the public until it’s safe for people to congregate again. We’ll take our cue on when to re-open from federal and local officials.

This doesn’t mean all P&P activities will stop. A number of P&P staff are continuing to work, either from inside the stores or from their homes, providing a range of services. We hope you’ll continue to support us through this crisis by taking advantage of our offerings. These include:

Shopping with P&P online or by phone. You can place orders with P&P either online (anytime) or by phone (from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Monday) If you call, a bookseller will be available to make suggestions and help create a list. And if you’re looking for puzzles, games, journals, or other gift items to be entertained when taking a break from reading, ask to speak with one of our knowledgeable sidelines buyers.

Arranging for curbside pick-up. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to safely get your books from any of our locations, so either call or order online for our curbside pick-up service.

Purchasing gift cards. Treat yourself, a relative, or a friend to a gift from P&P. You’ll receive the credit in your email and can use it anytime in the next five years.

Watching P&P Live! Some of the author talks we had planned to hold in-person are being shifted online using the platform Crowdcast. This medium allows you to watch authors and ask them questions, only now you can do so from home. Just click the livestream link in the event listing on P&P’s website, and while you’re viewing, please consider purchasing a book from P&P to support us and the author.

Taking a virtual P&P class. Are you searching for ways to connect with others, tap into your creativity, or take breaks from the news? Our talented instructors are moving their expertise online, where you can watch live video streams of classes of your choosing, interact with classmates in real time, and complete digital assignments. Discuss Carmen Maria Machado's In the Dream House in our first online session led by Sandra Beasley.

Trying a book subscription. It’s a great way to receive expertly curated books throughout the year based on your own tastes and interests. Click here for more information.

Buying audiobooks. This is easily done through our partnership with Libro.fm. Find a book on P&P’s website, then click the “Or get the digital audiobook” link. Every purchase this way through Libro.fm supports P&P.

Arranging for a bulk buy. Are you a boss with a large staff or many clients? Act on this special promotion to receive 30 percent off an order of 25-to-50 books (of the same title) to share with your employees or clients. Choose from this selection and we’ll facilitate a mailing to your staff working from home or ship all of the books to your office free of charge.

Becoming a member of P&P. If you don’t have a membership, you should. For relatively little cost, members receive lots of benefits.

Donating to Binc. The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is dedicated to helping booksellers in need. Support comes in the form of grants tailored to each person's specific needs, which may well grow during this pandemic as bookstores are forced to shutter temporarily.

Staying connected! Subscribe to our email and follow P&P on social media @politicsprose for the latest news, reading recommendations, and initiatives.

Nothing can be said to sugar coat these times. Every day is incredibly tough and filled with constant, gnawing anxiety about how much worse the coming days and weeks might get. We’ve been heartened, though, by the expressions of support many of you have shown already through a surge in internet and phone orders and through a sizeable viewership watching our initial P&P Live! events online. With your continued backing, we’ll get to the other side of this crisis and be overjoyed to welcome everyone back in the store again.

— Brad and Lissa