P&P Expands Next Door

Renovations are complete! After months of design and remodeling work, we’re delighted to announce the expansion of P&P’s flagship store on Connecticut Avenue NW into the space next door. What was once a dry cleaner’s shop has been transformed into a skylighted room filled with floor-to-ceiling cherry bookcases, custom-made display tables and, of course, lots of books. The new space is now open for business, so please come in and see it.
The store’s expansion will allow for easier browsing and make room for a wider selection of titles. Our popular section of sales books, where even some bestselling works can be found at bargain prices, has been moved from the lower floor to the new space. Also re-located there are works of literary criticism, as well as books on interior design, gardening, and do-it-yourself projects. Filling out the mix of merchandise in the new room are P&P’s extensive offerings of journals and greeting cards. Plus, there’s a separate checkout counter to enable faster service (and shorter lines) during peak shopping periods in the store.
Making the most out of the renovated area remains a work in progress. So don’t be surprised to see some tweaks in the months ahead.
Meanwhile, other improvements are underway downstairs. The children and teens department will soon be expanding into the room that previously held most of the store’s sales books. And in the hallway leading to The Den coffeehouse, new tables are being installed to provide additional seating.
Behind the scenes, the store’s receiving room has been enlarged to help process an increasing inventory of books and other items. And a number of P&P staff members are moving out of a rented condo up the street and into new offices created as part of the renovation next door, allowing for more of P&P’s growing team to come under one roof.
Finally, if you haven’t noticed already, the store has a new green-and-black awning out front and a couple of new awnings and a fresh paint job in back. And don’t miss the towering chimney, viewable from the parking lot behind the store, with “P&P” newly branded on it.

— Brad and Lissa