Chelsea Clinton: Author and Advocate

Chelsea Clinton has worn many hats in recent years, heading the Clinton family foundation, teaching at Columbia University, and being mother to her almost one-year-old daughter. But now she’s wearing an additional hat—author—and we’re delighted that she’ll be visiting Politics & Prose on September 24 to sign her new book, It’s Your World: Get Informed Get Inspired & Get Going!

Chelsea wrote the book for kids who want to know more about the challenges that communities and countries face—poverty, health care, the environment, women's rights, and more. And she wrote it to help kids learn how they can take action and make a difference. While Chelsea grew up in a family devoted to public service and read newspapers voraciously to learn about current events, she realized that there were few, if any, books for kids like her who were interested in service and advocacy. So once she became a mother herself, she decided to fill the gap by writing a book of her own, one that would encourage kids to engage in service of all kinds and would arm them with information, tools, and strategies to help change the world.

It’s Your World combines personal stories with lots of data (Chelsea is a statistics fanatic). It also contains concrete suggestions for ways kids can act on behalf of issues or causes they care about. Most impressive is the clarity with which Chelsea breaks down (without dumbing down) complicated issues so that kids—and adults—can understand the context in which societal problems arise, endure, and ultimately can be addressed. Whether she’s writing about poverty and income equality, global warming and endangered species, human rights and democratic governance, or the importance of good health and good health care, Chelsea’s lucidity, passion, and can-do spirit are very much in evidence throughout her book.

Chelsea’s lifelong commitment to serving others stems in part from all she has experienced as the child of parents who have reached the pinnacles of politics, government, and service. But she also has worked hard to deepen her own understanding of issues, first as an undergraduate at Stanford and later studying public health at Columbia and international relations at Oxford. Her stints, too, in the business world and her work as a volunteer have added to a command of the issues and reinforced an abiding sense of social responsibility and willingness to use her own voice and platform to promote change.

We’re delighted to recommend her book to kids—especially girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 14—who are interested in the world around them. And we hope kids (and their parents, friends, and neighbors) will join us later this month when Chelsea visits P&P to sign copies of her book.

--Brad and Lissa