Perfect Attendance: Being Present for Life (Paperback)

Perfect Attendance: Being Present for Life By Harriet Stein Cover Image

Perfect Attendance: Being Present for Life (Paperback)


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How can I deal with racing thoughts, melt away worries, and manage nonstop planning?

Is there a way to slow down my mind to help me fall asleep?

Does the practice of mindfulness have any traction in the workplace?

Perfect Attendance: Being Present for Life answers these questions, and more as mindfulness author, speaker, and teacher Harriet Stein reveals the surprising benefits of showing up every day and being counted present.

From sitting by the phone willing your manager or a client to make the call you've been counting on to tapping your foot in the grocery store express lane, Harriet explains how to deal with waiting in a way that won't send your blood pressure soaring.

Within the first section of Perfect Attendance, she already shows you how to add mindfulness to your day. Learn relevant techniques to prevent the 'sender's remorse' that inevitably comes once you've sent an email you can't get back. Organizational leaders discover how to lead more productive and engaged meetings, which positively impacts the bottom line.

Perfect Attendance is equally impactful in our personal lives-where it really counts with our families, relationships, and health. Stretched in a dozen directions and patience wearing thin, wouldn't it be a relief to know how to have more patience? What about real stress management? You can't always eliminate stressors, so Harriet teaches mindfulness tools that significantly minimize the effects of stress. Delve into her bite-sized stories and insightful practices to understand the mind-body connection, how to Place a Pause, and the nine attitudes we can cultivate with practice.

Her advanced mindfulness teacher's training and formal education, her passion for living in the present, and her vulnerable delivery endear Harriet to her audiences and readers. Mixing research and science with levity and fun, her proven strategies demonstrate tangible ways to live in the present and be accessible, both professionally and personally.

Open your copy of Perfect Attendance, take a deep breath-it's okay, I'll wait. Taking another if you like, slower this time, open your mind to the possibility of:

  • bringing more space to think into your day,
  • taking a moment to look up, and
  • consistent mental and emotional rest.

Product Details ISBN: 9798988121404
Publisher: Big Toe in the Water
Publication Date: April 28th, 2023
Pages: 184
Language: English