The Passover Story Haggadah: A New Narrative for a Modern Seder

by Stuart Leven


The Passover Story Haggadah is an innovative modern Haggadah that everyone will be able to understand and enjoy. It showcases a riveting new narrative, in English, of the epic struggle to free the children of Israel in ancient Egypt, featuring God, Pharaoh, Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. It’s an age-old story of security, then betrayal, persecution, confrontation, triumph, and redemption.

The Passover story is an amazing, powerful, foundational account. But so many Haggadahs follow an archaic format in which the Passover story is obscured, and some of the best elements of the story are left out. This Haggadah, with its easy to understand, expansive narrative, provides a modern alternative in which the story is highlighted and accessible.

The Passover Story Haggadah has the familiar seder rituals, practices, and customs comprising the traditional Order of the Passover Seder, including the Hebrew text and clear instructions. All of the Hebrew is accompanied by a gender-neutral English translation, and there is extensive transliteration. You will have a wonderful seder whether you know Hebrew well, or not at all, or anywhere in between.

This approachable Haggadah will appeal to Jewish people of multiple backgrounds and practices, as well as their non-Jewish guests. Using this Haggadah will bring the Passover story to life as never before, for a seder that will be both beautiful and meaningful.