Chew on this...: but don't swallow (Paperback)

Chew on this...: but don't swallow By Blanche D. Grube, Anita Vazquez-Tibau Cover Image

Chew on this...: but don't swallow (Paperback)


A must-read before your next dental visit!
Exposing the truth about common dental procedures: It's not what you have been told…

Did you know that whole-body health, begins in your mouth? Many common dental procedures such as dental mercury amalgams, metal crowns, root canals, implants, and even braces, have been found to be a causative factor in many diseases that people around the globe are facing today, including cancer. CHEW ON THIS - BUT DON'T SWALLOW, was written not only for the layperson but also for any health care professional, who is interested in getting to the "root cause" of a disease, rather than just treating symptoms. After Dr. Blanche D. Grube, had been trained by and worked with, Dr. Hal Huggins (Renowned Author, of It's All In Your Head) for decades, they developed the Huggins-Grube Protocol, which includes doing a "Full Dental Revision". A Full Dental Revision is done by removing all toxic materials and replacing them, with biocompatible materials to restore the mouth, as holistically as possible. This is explained in great detail, and why the removal of mercury dental amalgam, is just the beginning. Dr. Blanche has taken all of her 40 plus years of research, continuing education, and clinical practice to share what she has learned, and observed about these conventional dental procedures, including "the safe, the harmful, and the outright dangerous"! From her personal experiences to actual case studies, to peer-reviewed scientific research, CHEW ON THIS - BUT DON'T SWALLOW, truly is, a must-read before your next dental visit.
Blanche D. Grube, DMD - Bio

Dr. Blanche D. Grube began practicing dentistry almost 40 years ago. For the first ten years of her career, she was practicing conventional dentistry. A chance meeting with a patient led her to meet Dr. Hal Huggins, who authored the groundbreaking book, It's All in Your Head. Dr. Huggins became her mentor.

Dr. Blanche discovered early in her work with Dr. Huggins that if she followed his very specific protocol when treating patients, her patients' health would improve. Together they developed what is now called the Huggins-Grube Protocol. The Huggins-Grube Protocol includes doing a Full Dental Revision, which is accomplished by restoring the mouth as holistically as possible, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, DNA testing, and most importantly, biocompatibility testing.

Prior to the death of Dr. Huggins, he passed his torch to Dr. Blanche. She is dedicated to continuing to honor his legacy, through her work with the Huggins-Grube Institute, DNA ConneXions, Biocomp Laboratories, Huggins Applied Healing, and the Huggins-Grube Dental Centers.

Dr. Blanche is a biological dentist and former President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM). She holds a Mastership from the IABDM and a Fellowship from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Dr. Blanche holds a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine, from Capital University. She is a member of the Institute of Natural Dentistry and the Dental Association of Conscious Sedation. Dr. Blanche holds licenses to practice general dentistry in Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, New York, South Carolina, and Georgia (Inactive in Virginia).

Dr. Blanche has published many articles, including peer-reviewed scientific papers on various aspects of dentistry. She has lectured throughout the United States and abroad. She has presented her research at the prestigious International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant. Her upcoming book, Chew on This…but don't swallow – (A must-read before your next dental visit!), will be available soon. For over two decades, Anita Vazquez Tibau diligently continues her international advocacy and activism, which include articles, peer-reviewed published papers, and speaking engagements dedicated to the "Global Ban on Toxic Mercury." Of Puerto Rican heritage, Anita is deeply immersed in ensuring all Latin American countries are also included in her educational process. She has parlayed her passion for social justice into changing "toxic substance" laws and has dedicated her life as a spokesperson, panelist, advisor, policy activist, grassroots organizer, and wellness conference coordinator. Anita uses forensic investigation techniques to assemble her research. Her work includes: peer-reviewed scientific literature, assembling of attorneys, scientists, activists, politicians, and community outreach in bringing "toxic mercury" awareness as a health problem that affects millions of people around the globe. Her language abilities include English, Portuguese and conversational Spanish. Since 2002, she attended the United Nations Environmental Programmes (UNEP), Global Mercury Assessment, which became the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC), and concluded with the Minamata Convention on Mercury Treaty. She subsequently attended all of the UNEP and INC sessions as well as several sub-regional meetings all related to the Minamata Convention on Mercury Treaty. She drafted the closing statement on behalf of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and presented this statement at the plenary to the entire delegation upon the closing of the treaty session. Anita is honored to be a researcher at the Center for Environmental and Toxicological Research at the University of Puerto Rico.
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