Becoming Terran (Paperback)

Becoming Terran By Mark Roth-Whitworth Cover Image

Becoming Terran (Paperback)


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The tools of the ultra-wealthy turn...

In the riveting landscape of 2077, the world is under the grip of ultra-powerful trillionaires, their wealth and influence transcending boundaries. Amidst this chaos, two unsuspecting sisters from Niger, working in a North African hotel, become pawns in the grandiose schemes of the notorious trillionaire, Tolliver. He not only snatches away their freedom but also their identities, rechristening them as Francoise and Amelie. In a macabre twist, they undergo surgical and genetic modifications, designed to serve Tolliver's intricate proxy wars against his trillionaire adversaries.

Francoise's trajectory sees her morph from an unsuspecting spy to a pivotal figure within Tolliver's empire, managing crises and plots. Parallelly, Amelie's life takes a different turn. Guided by Tolliver's designs, she ventures into the realm of genetic engineering, her studies taking her from an elite boarding school to a renowned college near London. As fate would have it, her association with Tollipharm, Tolliver's pharmaceutical empire in London, leads her to a horrifying discovery: a lethal virus, responsible for countless deaths, originating from the dark recesses of the company.

While Francoise awakens to the grim reality of her existence, becoming disillusioned with her role, the world outside is changing rapidly. The face-off between trillionaires and nations intensifies, culminating in the evolution of the Terran Confederation. With the stakes higher than ever, and the battle shifting to the stars, the sisters must navigate treacherous waters. Join them on this galactic adventure as they grapple with questions of morality, loyalty, and the sheer will to survive in Becoming Terran.

Product Details ISBN: 9798888601839
Publisher: Novus Mundi Publishing
Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Pages: 314
Language: English