A to Z of Chemists, Updated Edition (Paperback)

A to Z of Chemists, Updated Edition By Elizabeth Oakes Cover Image

A to Z of Chemists, Updated Edition (Paperback)


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A to Z of Chemists, Updated Edition tells the stories of nearly 100 chemists--both well-known scientific greats of history and contemporary scientists whose work is just verging on greatness. Readers will find fascinating entries on people such as Gertrude Belle Elion, who developed drugs to cure diseases as diverse as leukemia, gout, herpes, malaria, and arthritis. From famous mainstream chemists to minority scientists often excluded from similar titles, A to Z of Chemists, Updated Edition spans all cultures, ethnicities, and eras.

Designed for high school through early college students, this title in the Notable Scientists series is also an ideal resource for all readers interested in chemistry. Articulated in everyday language, even the most complex concepts are accessible. While the majority of the scientists in this work are, first and foremost, chemists, there is a handful of physicists, biologists, and other scientists who made significant contributions to chemistry.

People covered include:

  • Robert Wilhelm Bunsen (1811-1899)
  • Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)
  • George Washington Carver (1864-1943)
  • St. Elmo Brady (1884-1966)
  • Karl Ziegler (1898-1973)
  • Percy Lavon Julian (1899-1975)
  • Linus Carl Pauling (1901-1994)
  • Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910-1994)
  • Robert Burns Woodward (1917-1979)
  • Sir George Porter (1920-2002)
  • Sir Aaron Klug (1926-2018)
  • Jean-Pierre Sauvage (1944-present)
  • Aziz Sancar (1946-present)
  • Ahmed Zewail (1946-2016)
  • Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (1952-present)
Product Details ISBN: 9798887252483
Publisher: Facts on File
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 148
Language: English