The Great Big Book of 'Whoa! Really?' - Vol 3 - Trivia for Middle Schoolers: Tons of amazing facts for kids + engaging activities to dig deeper (Paperback)

The Great Big Book of 'Whoa! Really?' - Vol 3 - Trivia for Middle Schoolers: Tons of amazing facts for kids + engaging activities to dig deeper By Joe Gatto Cover Image

The Great Big Book of 'Whoa! Really?' - Vol 3 - Trivia for Middle Schoolers: Tons of amazing facts for kids + engaging activities to dig deeper (Paperback)


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Did you know fun facts are an excellent way to get middle school students to want to read more?

When focus is an issue they need something that can hold their interest. Well, the content and format of this fun facts book for kids is the perfect way to encourage those who might not otherwise enjoy reading to read, and actually like it, because "The Great Big Book of "Whoa Really?" is easily readable - full of facts that intrigue them about science, technology, history, engineering marvels, and more.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the marvels of human achievement with "The Great Big Book of 'Whoa Really?' - Volume 3." Ignite your child's curiosity as they delve into a treasure trove of fascinating fun facts spanning world culture, science, technology, and awe-inspiring feats throughout history.

Explore Boundless Wonders: Dive into a world of discovery as your child unravels the extraordinary achievements of mankind. From cultural landmarks to groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs, each page unfolds a new 'Whoa Really?' moment, leaving young minds hungry for more knowledge.

Organized Brilliance: This volume organizes cool facts for middle school students into captivating categories, ensuring a seamless and engaging learning experience. Whether your child is fascinated by the wonders of technology, captivated by scientific marvels, or eager to explore the richness of world cultures, this book has them covered.

Deeper Insights, Bigger Thrills: Not merely a compilation of facts, this book takes the excitement to new heights by providing in-depth explanations and expanding on the most enthralling details. Watch as your child's eyes light up with understanding, curiosity piqued to explore the intricacies of each remarkable achievement.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning: Fuel the flame of knowledge with a book designed to inspire. Each fun fact acts as a springboard, encouraging further research and independent exploration. Instill in your child the joy of learning as they eagerly seek answers to their burning questions.

Interactive Adventures Await: Beyond reading, this book offers a hands-on approach to learning. Engage your child with exciting activities that turn passive readers into active explorers. From thought-provoking challenges to fun experiments, these activities make learning an unforgettable adventure.

Empower Young Minds: Give your child the gift of empowerment through knowledge. As they absorb the incredible achievements of humanity, they'll be inspired to dream big, think critically, and envision their own path of discovery.

A Tapestry of Inspiration: "The Great Big Book of 'Whoa Really?' - Volume 3" weaves a vibrant tapestry of inspiration, connecting the dots of human achievement across time, cultures and disciplines. It's not just a book; it's a gateway to a world where every page unlocks the door to endless possibilities.

Invest in Wonder: For parents seeking more than just a book, this is an investment in wonder, curiosity, and a love for learning. Watch as your child becomes a lifelong learner, armed with knowledge and ready to conquer the world.

How to get kids who don't enjoy reading to read?
Unleash the power of their curiosity with "The Great Big Book of 'Whoa Really?' - Volume 3." Every turn of the page is an invitation to explore, learn, and be amazed. Are you ready for a journey into the extraordinary?

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Product Details ISBN: 9798867227562
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 10th, 2023
Pages: 210
Language: English