TLB: It's Not About Doctors, It's All About TLB. No Cancer Or Any Diseases Found. (Paperback)

TLB: It's Not About Doctors, It's All About TLB. No Cancer Or Any Diseases Found. By Mohamed Mahmoud, Souhaila Ibrahim Cover Image

TLB: It's Not About Doctors, It's All About TLB. No Cancer Or Any Diseases Found. (Paperback)


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End Of Cancer.

Millions of patients have followed this guy's journey on his blog, and in his debut book, he delves deeply into the reasoning and scientific foundation behind the approach and strategies he used to successfully heal his body from a variety of deadly diseases. This book provides clear guidance and continuous encouragement for his healing strategies, including his Beat Cancer Mindset; radical diet and lifestyle changes; and means for mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, based on the most recent and rigorous research, as well as his deep faith. The story will inspire and guide you on your own journey toward wellness, as it is packed with both intense personal insight and extensive healing solutions.


This book is based on a true story, the story of a person who suffered many incurable diseases and treatments by mistake that put him on the edge of the death, but he came back to life and began to overcome all these diseases thanks to something called TLB which has existed since the beginning of creation and has been used by many people and tribes to overcome all diseases. This person claims that TLB has enabled them to overcome the injuries they have faced even if it was incurable or life-threatening.

But because of the mutational boom that happened to us between the past and the present and our neglect of ancient history and science, it led to the loss of everything about TLB in addition to the real treatment methods and the healthy habits of life, so this thing was buried with the ancients and did not exist anymore at all, but it left simple evidence that allows usto bring it back to life again but humans use an almost insignificant part of it unconsciously, so what will be the expected results if we used it completely and correctly? .

The man says that any treatment is not without TLB. Through his journey of suffering from incurable diseases for 13 years, he searched all these years for TLB, he studied it in every case of healing stories and ancient legends of incurable diseases, and he was found that people who did not use the TLB as a system, they did not heal and died after suffering exhaustingly from the disease. And at the other side he found people who suffered from incurable diseases for long periods of time and once they applied TLB, they recovered in a period of time not exceeding 70 days. The story of this young man and his suffering with diseases confirms and proves this statement. We still do not know how he overcame all these incurable diseases? , And why God brought him back to life? , but we hope that God brought him back to revive something that was buried for a long time.''You can read the story of his life on the first pages of the book''.
What are you going to get?

1. Inspiring Healing Story.
2. The truth about chemotherapy and many medications.
3. What is the true cancer?
4. What exactly is the Cancer Code?
5. What is the TLB and why is it the best system that has ever been discovered?
6. What is the connection between cancer and TLB?
7. How to beat cancer or any other disease in 70 days.
8. A one-of-a-kind treatment diet that contains many elements for cancer healing that you have never heard of before.
9. Different ways of life and habits for cancer patients to heal.
10. You'll understand the secrets to curing any disease, not just cancer.
11. How to heal your body and inspire others to do the same.

"This Book is an Inspiring Gift For Everyone".
Product Details ISBN: 9798775008789
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Pages: 126
Language: English