How to solve problems letting go (Learning to Live #2) (Paperback)


✓ Let's be honest: What do we carry around with us? What keeps us from being creative, from going through life in a positive way and from realizing great things? If only we weren't carrying around all this ballast of problems "Stay away from problems" is not only a great asian wisdom. This staying away from problems could give us Europeans, who already see many things as too dogged anyway, a new attitude towards life.
Let's just take a close look at our surroundings. Then we immediately come across a whole lot of superfluous luggage. Grandpa, for example, who rebuked me this morning in front of the doctor's office with a bright red head: "That's not how it works Get in the back of the line " I spontaneously felt sorry for the man. The following immediately went through my mind: "Does he always have to play the deputy sheriff and go through life bossy? Was he deprived of anything when he was a child? Whoever hasn't managed to keep his cool in old age will probably never get it. He's condemned to live his life discontented and tense.

But such people can also drag their surroundings down with them. If you have such a nagging person around you all the time, you'll be miserable yourself one day. "Stay away from problems - separate yourself from such people, rigorously. This is about your well-being. Or do you want to let others determine how you feel? We could and should part with so many things in life. Often it is our "decency" not to tell someone openly to their face. But often it is also our convenience. We shy away from conflicts because we feel we are not up to them and think we will be defeated. We do not like disputes. We prefer to live in harmony, which leaves conflicts to one side and does not solve problems.

We repress, even though we don't feel very good about it.

But rather have a fist in your pocket than face the tough confrontation. Isn't that the way most people look at it? And they're not doing so well. But they would rather suffer than solve problems and separate themselves from things, people, situations.
And if it happens to you, I congratulate you today. Because with the purchase of this eBook you have taken the first step to change this unbearable situation
Gain quality of life

Let's just think for a moment how much quality of life (calculated over the lifetime of a person) is lost? How much happier could we be if we could solve all these problems? What do we gain? How can our life look like and go on? These questions alone suggest that we will be much happier afterwards and that we could make much more out of our lives.
Yes, we simply live more intensely afterwards when we throw problems overboard - permanently, mind you. The example of a 56-year-old woman who had nursed her mother for years shows what a liberating blow this is.

Sometimes it's hard

The old lady was already over 80, and things were going downhill with her. She let herself hang, had no more desire to live and became more and more dissatisfied. No matter what you did, she always had something to complain about. Eventually, she even became age-aggressive. When the grandchildren came to visit, she sometimes took her walking stick and tried to beat the children. She also became aggressive towards her daughter and even scolded her. All this became too much for the 56 year old. She no longer had a family life of her own. Only the thought of her mother "having to" go there again made her shiver. She had to separate from her mother and give her to an old people's and nursing home for care - with the help of a specialist. This was of course a drama for the senior citizen, but there was no other way to solve the problem.

This separation was a true liberation for the 56-year-old. She really blossomed and enjoyed life. She visited her mother regularly, of course, who initially reacted very dismissively, but then realized for herself that her new e.

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