Noil: Growing and Caring for Noil (Paperback)

Noil: Growing and Caring for Noil By Maurice Zachary Cover Image

Noil: Growing and Caring for Noil (Paperback)


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If you're like most gardeners, you're probably familiar with the common noil plants: ragweed, dandelion, chickweed, and pokeweed. Noil, or hair grass, is a little-known but important garden plant that you should be growing if you want healthy, colorful flowers and vegetables. Noil is easy to grow and care for, and its long blooming period makes it a valuable addition to any garden.

Noil is a cool-season plant, which means that it prefers temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In the spring, Noil will start to grow quickly, so it's important to give it plenty of room in your garden. Grow Noil in full sun or partial shade, and water it regularly. In the fall, Noil will start to decline in growth, so you can stop watering it and let it go dormant.

Once the weather cools down in the winter, you can start to remove the Noil's dead leaves and flowers. This is a good time to fertilize Noil with an organic fertilizer. Keep in mind that Noil is a slow-growing plant, so it may take a couple of years for it to mature. If you want to keep your noil plants healthy, give them plenty of sunlight, water, and fertilizer, and be patient with them. You'll be rewarded with colorful flowers and vegetables in the process.
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Publication Date: February 20th, 2023
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