Bubonic Plague Demystified: Doctor's Secret Guide (Paperback)

Bubonic Plague Demystified: Doctor's Secret Guide By Ankita Kashyap, Prof Krishna N. Sharma Cover Image

Bubonic Plague Demystified: Doctor's Secret Guide (Paperback)


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Dive into the depths of history and science with "Bubonic Plague Demystified: Doctor's Secret Guide," an all-encompassing exploration of one of the most notorious diseases in human history. From the historical accounts of the plague to the identification of symptoms and current global trends, this book provides a comprehensive overview. Uncover the bacterium behind the plague, dispelling myths and presenting facts that form the basis for understanding this devastating illness.

This guide goes beyond the medical aspects, delving into the psychological impact of a plague diagnosis and establishing the foundations of holistic health. The Biopsychosocial Model is explained, emphasizing nutrition, exercise, mental health, sleep, and social support as integral components of comprehensive well-being.

Discover preventive measures, from personal hygiene practices to environmental control, flea management, and travel precautions. Explore the intersection of traditional and modern medicine, from vaccinations to emerging therapies, providing readers with a nuanced perspective on plague management.

The book navigates the intricate landscape of diagnosis and clinical management, detailing diagnostic tests, antibiotic treatments, hospitalization, and supportive care strategies. Hear firsthand accounts of the patient experience, with insights into emotional and psychological support, navigating healthcare systems, and the crucial role of caregivers.

Alternative and complementary therapies are explored, offering a range of options from herbal remedies to acupuncture, homeopathy, and integrative medicine approaches. Nutritional strategies, lifestyle modifications, and coping mechanisms are detailed to guide individuals through the post-plague syndrome, physical rehabilitation, and social reintegration.

The book also addresses legal and ethical considerations, covering patient confidentiality, informed consent, public health versus individual rights, and resource allocation. Explore the broader scope of community and public health, including outbreak response, vaccination programs, sanitation, waste management, and international cooperation.

Looking towards the future, the guide delves into technological advancements, genomic research, predictive modeling, and global health initiatives, providing a glimpse into the ethical considerations of future treatments. Empower yourself with knowledge on vaccine development, patient education, and ethical considerations in plague management.

"Bubonic Plague Demystified" is not just a guide to understanding and managing the plague; it's a roadmap to resilience, offering insights into the past, present, and future of plague management, health promotion, and global collaboration.

Product Details ISBN: 9798224411139
Publisher: Virtued Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2024
Pages: 284
Language: English