Social Media Dictators (Paperback)

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Social Media Dictators (Paperback)


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"Social Media Dictators: The Dark Side of Digital Influence" is an in-depth examination of the toxic behaviour that occurs on social media platforms like X. The book scrutinizes how individuals wield undue influence and power to manipulate, control, and sabotage others' lives, careers, and emotional well-being.

The book is divided into 36 chapters, each focusing on a distinct aspect of social media dictatorship. From the rebranding of Twitter to X to the psychology behind why some people seek to manipulate others, the book offers a comprehensive look at the underbelly of digital society.

Topics include the weaponization of mob mentality, the destructive power of envy, the sabotage of good intentions, and the misuse of labels like "abuser." The book also delves into lived experiences, emphasizing that everyone's story is important and needs to be heard, irrespective of the attempts by social media dictators to stifle them. It examines the challenges faced by individuals in various situations, whether it's a billionaire losing millions or someone confronting physical loss, advocating for a more compassionate approach to help them.

A recurring theme throughout is the need for digital ethics and regulation to prevent such exploitation and abuse. Moreover, it explores how such behaviour is not limited to one country or culture but is a global phenomenon requiring collective action.

Practical advice is offered to those who have been victims of social media attacks, empowering them with the tools to reclaim their online lives. The book stresses that the responsibility for change does not solely lie with the platforms but with the users and society at large. The concluding sections provide a roadmap for lasting change, advocating for a more responsible and ethical use of social media.

By shedding light on the dark corners of social media, the book aims to be a catalyst for change, urging collective action to make the digital world a safer, more inclusive space for all.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223820543
Publisher: Onesimus Malatji
Publication Date: September 17th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English