Hatchie- Keeper of the Secret (Paperback)

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Hatchie- Keeper of the Secret (Paperback)


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Hatchie: Keeper of the Secret is an historical fiction novel full of action, adventure, and intrigue

with a twist of mystery. The novel begins with Patrick, a university student, who is out of school for his

summer break. He is helping his grandfather work in the Hatchie Hills to secure tuition funds. While he is

working, he discovers an ancient Chickasaw secret that is tied all the way back to King Solomon's temple

over 3,000 years ago. This novel provides the reader with an action-adventure saga that ends on a

surprising and exciting note, but as the reader concludes the book, it is really the beginning. Hatchie:

Keeper of the Secret kicks off a new book series that places the reader on the front row as a search for

world peace begins, and each book takes the reader into exciting new places with some characters who

will be introduced that no one could ever imagine being a part of this historical fiction series. It is a story

that has never been told before, and it is sure to grip you and pull you like a water current into places

that you don't even know exist. Be one of the first to read this book and then like a spark, tell your

friends and neighbors as this search for world peace continues until the last book concludes the saga in


Some people will ask the author, "Why did you write this book?" The answer is not easy but the

telling of the story is like a river that overflows its banks. I had a short story that I wanted to write for

years. I also had three novels framed up that I wanted to write when I retired from dentistry. I have not

completely retired from the practice of dentistry, but I have cut back my clinical hours greatly. I started

writing the short story, then I watched the Harry Potter movies with my teenage children. We enjoyed

the series, and then I had a thought that I could combine my short story with the novels that I already

had framed to be written. It took quite a number of walks and hours and hours of thinking, but I finally

visualized the connecting link, and it opened the doors for an even larger imagination to enable one

continuing action-adventure tale based on little-known historical facts. The continuing adventure is

quite remarkable for the author, and it is exciting to bring this story to people who love to read.

Others ask an author, "What is your audience?" I believe teens and young adults will find this book

fascinating because the main character is a college student. Book one, Hatchie: Keeper of the Secret,

introduces us to the college student, Patrick, and other important characters. In the next book we are

introduced to his girlfriend and her roommate----and with two other characters that no one would ever

expect to enter this tale. But any reader who is young at heart should love Hatchie: Keeper of the Secret

and the entire series. And for those wondering when the next book will come out, I will tell you

hopefully before the end of 2023.

Some people have asked me, why would I take on a project of writing a series? I can say that

through all the thinking and revising that I mentioned previously that such an awesome tale arose within

that I realized a series was needed. The first book is set in the Hatchie Hills of North Mississippi, and I

can tell you that the seventh and the last book will happen in Jerusalem. The series revolves around an

ancient Chickasaw secret that is tied to Solomon's temple. That is a large span of time, but the tale is

wrapped around the pursuit of world peace and some battles that are almost forgotten to history. Over

the decades of my life, I have interviewed many people for their knowledge that they had. Everyone has

a story to tell, and many of those that I spoke to have already passed away.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218238384
Publisher: Ed Holliday
Publication Date: July 12th, 2023
Pages: 142
Language: English