Seo Optimization for Beginners & Seo Audit Report Sampple (Paperback)

Seo Optimization for Beginners & Seo Audit Report Sampple By Seolion Staff Cover Image

Seo Optimization for Beginners & Seo Audit Report Sampple (Paperback)


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SEO optimization for Beginners and SEO Audit Report Sambple is a solution for those who try to understand the world of website SEO Optimization. The main goal of this work is to offer an easy to understand view of SEO procedures. There are two works included in this book, that belong to the HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE SERIES (vol.1 & vol.2):

  • SEO Optimization for Beginners and not so Beginners
  • SEO Audit Report Sample

Also, is attached an example of SEO Plan in order to create a properly guideline for fixing SEO issues.

SEO Optimization for Beginners and not so Beginners

SEO Optimization for Beginners and not so Beginners is a guide for all those who wish to introduce in SEO analysis and website optimization. Is a 40 page based guide that focuses efforts on SEO On-page, SEO Off-page and general advices related to Search Engine Optimization concepts. You will find how to be friendly to Search Engines, how to optimize your content with keywords, long tails, titles, share-worthy content and crawl accessibility. In SEO optimization for websites you will have to handle with technical responses, optimize your content, use of a good general structure, creative keywords, suitable page structure, linkbuilding and also link juice, with constant Performance and Speed indexation analysis. In order to rank for Search Engines as Google or Bing, your Domain authority will give you the difference and rank your website higher than others. In this SEO Optimization Guide you will find the suitable process of website development and will handle with the SEO Hierarchy Pyramid.

SEO Optimization for Beginners and not so Beginners explains all this process in a simple way and easy to understand method. Also you will find a bit information about Speed performance, as First Contentful Paint or Total Blocking Time (and many others), by means of the Waterfall Chart, Accessibility for Crawlers and how to label properly and optimize your content. Competitive keywords, buyer persona, link juice, responsiveness and 10 SEO Keys to power your SERPs positions are also explained.

SEO Audit Report Sample

This second work included inside of this book, is a Sample for a SEO Audit Report. You will discover how to make an easy to understand Audit report for your customers and will give you several advices in order to fix SEO website issues. So then, this is not a SEO Audit report of a real website, is neither a service. Is an example of how to create a well organized and easy to understand SEO Audit report, in other words, a template that can inspire you in your works. This example will show you how making a presentation of your SEO work and will be a handy way to fit your Website Analytic Content in an easy to approach view.

The SEO Audit Report Sample is an example of an External Website Analysis that explains the basic concepts of SEO Audit Reports and how to understand them. Remember that a SEO Report is like a "photography" of your entire website, and depends on the accurated timing of analysis that such report will be more or less exhaustive. The sample offered is for a short-term based report (one week analysis) made by means of external tool devices. In the report are explained the 4 basic points of review for any SEO report: Performance and Speed, SEO On-Page, SEO Off-Page and Good SEO Practices. Of course, is a sample and has to be understood in such way. Hope will be useful to you.

Product Details ISBN: 9798201945749
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 80
Language: English